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Dave is not just a talking head on TV. He lives in the world of technology just as he reports on it. Co-founder of Digital:Convergence Corporation and inventor of the technology behind the :CueCat optical reader, Dave Mathews formerly served as vice president of new product development.

Mathews was first known as an on-air talent from his experience with the radio, syndicated television and Internet broadcast program: "Net Talk Interactive." Known as "Gadget Guy," Mathews appeared on more than 200 episodes since the program's inception in 1996. "Net Talk Interactive" featured the latest in computer hardware and technology, while being triple-cast across all broadcast mediums.

Mathews, an Eagle Scout, attended Southwest Missouri State University. Self-taught, he is an expert on computer peripheral and communication devices. Since high school, he has run a computer building and consulting company, instructed computer classes, and created mobile data applications, training and support programs.

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